Daily Money

I can, quite easily, make enough on the poker tables every day, to SPEND WHAT I WANT

And that is so good@

May 2018 Market Outlook

Very interesting article today that lines up with my view of the markets:


Happy to live in Las Vegas

I’ve stayed in Vegas for up to 3 months at a time before, in my long card playing career. But this time, I have my own condo here, not just taking comp rooms from casinos. It has taken me a while to mentally internalize that .. I LIVE IN LAS VEGAS NOW, FINALLY!!

It’s taken me almost 10 years but I finally live here, in the most exciting, most card playing city in the USA.

I’m loving my life right now!! Established residence in Vegas, with a beautiful, young new girlfriend!! I havent been this happy in a long long time, if ever!!

I love you, Lyca!

View from TI

My new place in Las Vegas April 2018

Well I’ve got a new place to live now, in Las Vegas. Let me show it to you:

Enjoying life at TI

Right now I’m here enjoying life in Las Vegas. Currently at an outdoor bar at TI and the weather is incredible!!