Cst.net is the website of geologist and sci/tech pioneer Chris Salmon, the founder of one of the first internet companies in Texas, Cyberstation, Inc. Mr. Salmon started Cyberstation at the dawn of the commercial internet, in 1994-1995. As a boy growing up on a remote Texas cattle ranch he began building electronic kits, ham radio gear and home computers in the mid-1970s. By age 16 in 1978, he had gotten his first job as a programmer, coding lockbox systems for the trust departments of banks. That year his SAT scores were so high that we was accepted into the University of Texas at Arlington without finishing high school, or having any secondary school credential. A decade of university life and adventure, being a ski bum in Vail, Colorado, performing and recording on guitar, bass, percussion and vocals with rock and jazz bands, teaching geology laboratories at the university, and cycling halfway across the USA without support followed. After graduating from Midwestern State University with a B.S. in Geology and another major in Computer Science, Chris worked as a programmer, geophysicist and environmental geologist. While working as a geophysicist in the world’s largest non-military supercomputing facility in Houston, Chris was exposed to the global computer communications network called ARPANet, which we now know as the Internet. Moving back up to North Texas to work with his father, noted petroleum engineer and oil producer Raymond Salmon, Chris felt disconnected from the science and tech world without an internet connection. With the opening of the internet to commercial use in 1992, and the development of the first graphical internet browser in 1993, he foresaw that the internet would soon change the world, and he wanted to be a part of it. Seeing an opportunity in Wichita Falls, Texas, where he had been a student and university geology instructor, Chris put together a business plan and all the technical design to open the first internet service provider in the entire region of Texas from Dallas to Amarillo.
He successfully brought the first internet services – connectivity, websites, email, chat, video, gaming, business communications, VPN’s, etc., to a huge region of Texas. A region that had so little communications infrastructure that a storm knocking over a single microwave tower could cut whole counties and cities off from the outside world for weeks, as happened in 1996. Mr. Salmon began with 8 modems and one server, and personally grew that business up to one that had 5-state dialup, broadband, and high speed business coverage. IP Communications became a partner in 1999, a large DLEC that also hired Mr. Salmon as a consultant to design and build their internet services and server infrastructure. When the huge national phone companies and cable companies came in and took over the internet access market after the dot-com crash of early 2000’s, Mr. Salmon kept a small part of his company together building travel and resort websites. The next couple of years was spent traveling all over the USA to film and write and review and document the experiences travelers who visited the destinations could expect. CST had websites for 52 different resort markets and reserved travel, hotels and car rentals through the website services. During this time Mr. Salmon also won a contract to do internet protocol engineering for AT&T on a global basis, working from his home office in Vail, Colorado. Mr. Salmon retired from the internet and technology business in 2011 and began to help his father with the family ranch and other interests. The senior Mr. Salmon passed away in 2016 and the ranch and other business interests are now owned by Chris and his sister, Katie, who lives in Dallas, Texas.

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