WSOP Online Poker in NV: No Fun, No Money

I play using the uber-hipster, totally original screenname “chrissalmon”

Since I live at Lake Tahoe (South Shore), I was hoping to find a place to play poker that didn’t require me to drive to Reno. Harvey’s Hotel and Casino here in Stateline has a poker room, but it’s only got the same 6 or 8 guys in it every night, who all know each other.  When you walk up you the table to play, you definitely feel like a combination outsider and meat being examined before put in the grinder.  Plus, you’re obviously in someone else’s social club when you’re at their table, the conversation detours around you as things and people you know nothing about are discussed.  Don’t get me wrong – they’re polite and nice and all!  But you just know that, well – you just don’t belong there.  They’ve turned to room into their little social club and strangers who swing by to play are there to help pay for their club.

That’s exactly how it feels online at, too.  Same tiny set of people every day, different tiny bunch of same people every night.  But, amazingly, for socializing and meeting people, the WSOP online site is even less fun than Harvey’s.  Heck, it’s even less fun than BINION’S – which is very similar in fun and excitement to a rock garden.  There are a few nice, fun and friendly people playing on the WSOP site.  But most of them never talk and when they do it’s to say something mean and sardonic.  Especially the nighttime to early morning players, they’re mostly just flat out antisocial freaks who can barely hide their disdain for you and everyone else while they want you to play with them and give them a chance at your money.   Their personalities are very similar to the hard core coders that used to work for me at Cyberstation, Inc.  Which is to say, they don’t have good ones, if they have a personality.  Since they never talk to you, it’s hard to tell if a personality is in there.

Now, at any poker room where it’s you, (the chum) and a hardcore set of nightly locals (the sharks), you always have to be on the lookout for collusion, chip dumping, signaling, and so forth.  But with online play, the regulars can easily all be in a Skype group call or similar and be secretly playing as a team, sharing their hole cards, building up pots then abandoning them for their strongest hand, etc.  With online poker, there is very good reason for you to be very concerned about this.  For one thing, I know for a fact they have a skype group set up to communicate with everyone when there is a table with a “live one” that has opened up, so they can all come attack the poor slob.  Now that, is not technically cheating or colluding, it’s just informing players of a juicy game.  But it’s still disconcerting and a bit scary when no one has been playing for hours, you sit down, and within 5 minutes the table fills with sharky regulars.  I know for a fact the WSOP night time regulars have a skype group for this, because I asked about it when I saw the above scenario happen and one of them told me they did it with Skype.

Now, I don’t know about the tournaments, because I don’t like to play in tournaments.  For tournament players, it could be an absolute blast for all I know.  But for fun and friendly cash games you can play without leaving your house, WSOP doesn’t have those.

The first piece of new music in years.

Here’s a piece of music that is basically just a percussion framework to build on.  I’ve gotten WAY into Kpop lately and it has been super inspirational!  So I’ve decided to get back into regular music practice and composing.  This is my first little bit of music, it’s not much, in fact I don’t like parts of the bass line very much, but it’s a work in progress.

Don’t Believe Everyone Complaining About Twitter Harassment

There’s a strange Twitter scam being played on the public by some celebrities.  I’ve seen it 3 times in the last few years.  Only famous people do it, because only they would benefit from it.  I’ll tell you what I personally witnessed.  The first person I saw do this is a well-known pornstar, so let’s just call her that, because I don’t want to use any of these people’s real names.  I’m not trying to make a public splash with this, or get into a personal fight with anyone.  I just want other Twitter users to know this goes on.
So I was following Pornstar because I was a fan of hers before this.  This was when I first started using Twitter all the time, which was only a couple years ago.  Reading her tweets, she often got into fights with people harassing her.  Calling her names, saying mean things about her, etc.  She spent more time on this problem with complaining and sending tweets that seemed to be fishing for support and getting people to tell her how great she was and how awful these harassers were.  Yet more time was spent interacting with fans who took that bait, building up rapport and a “team up with me against my harassers” kind of community building thing.  And she did, indeed, get a lot of extremely mean tweets and replies to her tweets, full of name calling and disparaging comments.
She seemed really upset about this and I felt sorry for her.  I founded and ran an internet company that did every type of internet service and business that could be done at the time, between 1995-2011.  So I felt that she could be protected from this harassment if she had someone do social media management for her.  I wrote her and gave her my thoughts on this, telling her that if someone would delete all the mean tweets, block all those accounts, and report the harassers to twitter, that in a fairly short time, almost all the people causing her these problems and worries would be gone and she could enjoy social media again.  I then offered to do the job of social media manager for her – for FREE – because I was really bothered by the way she was being treated and how upset it seemed to make her.
Well, that did not work out.  And the reason why it didn’t work out is the scam that’s the point of this article.  It turned out that behind all her crying and complaining about people harassing her, she wanted those people in her feed saying these awful things!  It took me a while to figure this out, and then even longer to get her to finally be honest with me and tell me why she didn’t want me to fix her Twitter harassment problem for her, for free.  But I finally got her to tell me that these people and the whole controversy surrounded them harassing her generated a lot of traffic for her tweets and was good for business.  Needless to say, I was no longer a fan of hers after that.  I despise liars and fakers.
So in the years since then, I have been through this same, exact scenario with two other “celebrities” who were complaining about Twitter harassment and seemed to be hurt by it.  The most recent was over the last week, that’s why I am writing this today.  I volunteered to fix it for them, mostly to have something to do.  And each time I found out that the tears they shed about harassment were crocodile tears.  They want the harassment because it’s good for business and creates public sympathy for them

Maybe it’s hard to believe at first, but on reflection it really isn’t.  These are the same people who tip off paparazzi and grocery line gossip rags to “catch” them doing things out in public to keep their names in front of the public.

I hate it when casinos act weird about my blackjack play.

Today’s recipe – shredded chicken Tex-Mex

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Report and test regarding website rebirth.

I’ve put in a lot of time on this website over the last 3 days, thought it might not look like it just yet. But behind the pages at the front a lot is going on, and I am very, very happy with the progress I’ve made on it. This post should be copied over to my social media accounts, cross posted over there. So this is a test to see if that is working. I am also testing a contact form.

Unfortunately I bought a little visual editor for wordpress that sounded good, the demo was good, but after a few hours everything it had touched stated turning to shit. I went through it’s code and the code it produced for hours cleaning it up by hand, I would think I had fixed it, then soon back to garbage. Searching on the internet showed that this was once a well known and popular piece of software, selling over 100,000 units in the last 8 years, but it’s gone straight to hell for the last year. TONS of people are having the same problems that I experienced, and there is no fixing it. Apparently the original author has skipped and is not where to be found. To make it worse, I bought a bunch of add-ons and extensions to it when it was working so well at first, thinking it was going to be my new favorite website production tool. But no, it was just me getting ripped off by the computer industry – AGAIN. It’s unbelievable how much of this kind of thing goes on in the computer business, it really and truly is. Can you imagine buying a car, but it’s so shitty that you have to put it in the garage and install upgrades and add-ons and such to it every few months?? That they sold you a car so insecure that if you don’t take it in and let them switch out all the locks and security every few weeks, someone will just drive off in it one night? No one would put up with that from auto manufacturers. Yet that is EXACTLY what customers have grown to EXPECT from the computer business! We just bow our heads in shame because we know inside, even if we try to hide from it, that we are letting them rip us off and abuse us in return for giving them huge amounts of our money. We all know it’s wrong! But we have to have a computer and a smartphone, so we submit to the abuse like a beaten slave scared to say a word. We’re beyond not standing up for ourselves and meekly accepting what the tech industry does to us.. no, WE are the ones who are scared we might make them angry if we put up a fight about it! What if they cut our cell phone service off?!?

It’s gotten ridiculous around here.