Buses and Trains to San Francisco

Waiting on the first leg of my journey to San Francisco. It’s going to be interesting, because its Amtrak bus)->train)->bus

Chris's ticket Lake Tahoe to SF
Chris’s ticket Lake Tahoe to SF

Philippines, here I come!

I’m almost done helping my ex renovate her house here in South Lake Tahoe, so I bought my flight, ground transportation, and hotel reservations for Manila yesterday. I’m fully committed now! And so very thrilled, happy and excited about my move over there. I’m ready to start a new life with a new girl in a new place, and I have all of those lined up and waiting for me to arrive on October 10, 2018.

I’ve stayed within the borders of the USA for all of my life, except a few brief trips into Canada and Mexico. That’s a shame, but one I will be rectifying in just weeks. I’d speculate that most people around the world who have the means and opportunity to do so have left their country of birth and traveled internationally, making me somewhat of a provincial hick by comparison. But I’m going to be traveling internationally for years starting next month, and catch up with my peers!

To be honest, I’ve grown sick and tired of Americans seething hatred for each other and the bizarre politicization of every single aspect of life. Im tired of the constant mental bombardment of lies and bullshit and exhortations to buy this, think that, hate your fellow citizens because they think differently from you, admire and exalt uneducated and illiterate hollywood and media dumbfucks, and on and on and on. Every viewpoint pushed on the citizenry via the media is there because someone wants you to believe things that benefit them, not you. When someone or some idea is publicly promoted into fame and cultural status, it’s not because they are really wonderful and the people spontaneously came to admire or believe them. It’s always (with rare exception) been manufactured by someone who 1 either money or power or both from people believing some bullshit they’re selling. Here in the USA, billions are being spent in a constant battle to control the minds of the citizens, and thus control th11 culture and the nation. I want to get away from that, and be left alone by these interests and their thought control campaigns. I want peace, and freedom of thought, speech and conscience. I do not want to live in a country where people fear the PC thought police and their career destroying power. That’s what the USA has become, and that means it’s time to GTFO.

Vail, CO., Ducks in Gore Creek December 2010

I lived in the USA’s largest ski resort, Vail Colorado, from 2004 to 2014.  From 2005 to 2011 we were doing travel and resort websites, producing content and reviews, selling hotel rooms, flights, car rentals, and advertising.  One of these was for Vail, and this allowed me to ski and bicycle and go to events and generally explore the area as part of my job.  I skied over 100 days a year for many years there, though at the end I was getting tired of it and didn’t ski much.  I have dozens of hours of video and hundreds or pictures of Vail, in storage.  Someday those will all be posted to this site.

I also worked at the Vail Ski Resort in 1985 and 1986 as an adventurous way to take a break from college and get over a broken heart, when I was 23 and 24 years old.  I had no camera to carry about at that time, but I did do some nice drawings which I’ll post later.  In my job as warehouseman for the Mid-Vail on mountain complex of shops and restaurants, I skied every work day, and night skied home each night with a miner’s headlamp after inventory.  Then skied more every off day!! 

It’s almost time for first snow in Vail.  In the meantime and to prepare everyone for a new winter season, here is the peaceful view from my close friend Gary’s living room in Vail.

Breakfast at Ernie’s, South Lake Tahoe, California 9/5/18

Chris Salmon at Ernie's in SLT, Sept. 5, 2018
Chris Salmon at Ernie’s in SLT, Sept. 5, 2018

Mmmm… GOOD!

Chris Salmon at Ernie's in SLT, Sept. 5, 2018
Chris Salmon at Ernie’s in SLT, Sept. 5, 2018

I’m here helping my ex-wife renovate her house, which has been good, hard work.

Beautiful snowfall in California.

Crazy California Snow in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, Nevada – Heavenly Mountain Opening Day 2017/2018 – Photo Gallery

Today Show, Aug. 15, 2003 – after the blackout

Actually parts of the city were still without power.  But basically we had all made it though OK! Hooray New York!


The Great Blackout of New York, 2003, Part 5

The Great Blackout of New York, 2003, Part 4

A few years ago two companies who make science documentaries bought the rights to my blacked out New York City videos, and brief pieces of them have been seen worldwide.

The Great Black Out of New York, 2003 part 3

New York City had undergone an unexpected transformation in the post 9/11/2001 years.  I had spent time there on a honeymoon over the New Year’s between 1999-2000 – I figured I couldn’t forget when I got married later that way :-). On that trip people, especially cops and such, were very brusque and rude, exactly how the old-school New Yorker stereotype was portrayed in pop culture.  They just didn’t have time to talk to you for any reason, so GTFO – that was the attitude.  But after the City was so violently attacked and all the firemen and cops and everyone became heroes, well I’ll be damned if they didn’t start acting like heroes, too!  It certainly made a difference those days without power in the summer of 2003.

The Great Black Out of New York, 2003 part 2

I was very proud of New Yorkers those days without power in 2003.  Everyone came together and helped each other out, and there was no crime or looting that I witnessed or heard about.  The restaurants with spoiling food and drink just gave it away and it kind of turned into a New York sized block party!

The Great Blackout of New York, 2003 – Part 1

I moved to New York City in August of 2003, with a wife and 2 year old baby, Boston where we had been living for about 6 months.  We arrived on August 13, to be precise, and that is important because the next day the entire northeastern part of the USA and some of Canada were suddenly without electricity.  In New York, on the island of Manhattan where we just moved, no one had power for two and a half days.  I remember working on my laptop over the wifi at the Starbucks (yes, that used to be a thing, I had a paid subscription!) on Colombus Circle, and all of a sudden my internet went down.  So I called Laini, my wife at the time, “Well I’m coming home, they’ve lost internet here,” then I notice people just wandering about randomly outside.  “What’s going on?” I asked the nearest person. “The City is without power,” she said, “no one knows more than that, but it’s probably a terrorist attack.”  Whoa!  Well it turned out not to be a terrorist attack, but it shows you how the City was expecting one not long after 9/11/2001.  I was gathering content for our travel and resort websites all the time, everywhere I went, so I always had a video camera, charged and ready, plus extra batteries and tape.  I managed to get a lot of good video from that adventure, here is the first segment for you, I hope you enjoy it.

We lived across Broadway from Lincoln Center which you can’t see but it’s behind that firetruck and all those people.  Madonna lived on the other end of our block, which was facing Central Park.