Finally, Completely Free (for a while)

I’ve settled up with my ex-wife on all outstanding child support and anything else she wanted. And, I’ve got it all documented, signed and notarized and filed with the State of Texas. So I am officially free of any outstanding obligations to her or the Texas state AG’s office, my record is pure and pristine like fresh powder at 11,000ft. And that feels great!

Further, as of March 2nd 2018 (2 weeks and 4 days ago), I’ve successfully completed 2yrs of probation for a misdemeanor DWI arrest from Dec. 2012. Cooke County, Texas didn’t adjudicate that charge until 2016. I got two years probation that transferred to Nevada, which I just completed with a perfect record. Random drug and alcohol tests, home searches, monthly reporting, all the payments, fines, court costs, I’ve done it all 100% perfectly just like they wanted. And now it’s all done and I’m free! I wasn’t able to leave the state or the country for over 5 years, among other restrictions. But now I’ve paid my debt to society in full and I am FREE!!

And finally, the last thing on my freedom to do list, I’ve moved out of my rental condo at Lake Tahoe and all my material possessions I either gave away to my ex wife amd son, or put in storage. I’m down to a guitar in a gig bag, a big backpack and a rolling duffle bag. I’m now unbound to any location!!

This is the start of a new life for me. Starting a new life is something I’ve done often and I love it!

My first move is to Las Vegas for two to three months, to get lean and fit before I travel the world. And to make money every day at the poker tables of the city.

More on this later!! I’ll be moved to Vegas in ONE WEEK !!

Beautiful snowfall in California.

Crazy California Snow in Tahoe

Regaining the ability to calmly focus for long periods in 2018 techno-society

One thing I’m very excited about regarding my plan to travel the world, is finding time to focus. I want to get into the rhythm of other lives and cultures outside my own. I’m hoping I can break the stressful habit of over-worrying about current goals, challenges, and ambitions. Instead I would like to worry of nothing but something right in front of me, for no reason but that I’m interested.

Back in my 20s, I used to spend hours drawing things I could see, like trees and people. I haven’t done that in years, in part because I am always multitasking, and always have other things that are more important. That just about makes it impossible to sit on a riverbank with only natural sounds and make a detailed drawing of some part of nature. I’m sure others can do detailed, quiet work like that and deal with constant, unrelated interruptions, worries and thoughts. But I can’t do it. Or at least not for long!

I have a galaxy note 8 phone, which has a drawing stylus on it. I understand there are some good drawing apps out there to use with the Note 8. So I’ll be researching and testing those. I will make a lot of drawings as I travel and post them here for all to see.

Moving out of Tahoe – Plan to Wander the Earth

Yesterday and today are moving days for me. After 4 years, I’m saying goodbye to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. It’s been interesting and sometimes a lot of fun, but it’s time to make my goodbyes and leave.

My plan is to wander the Earth with a guitar, a rolling duffel bag, a carry-on backpack, and a satchel. First stop: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why Las Vegas? I’ve been a long time member of Lifetime Fitness. I joined the South Austin club in 2012. They also have an absolutely fantastic facility in Summerlin, Nevada – one of the towns in the Las Vegas/Clark County metro area.

Summerlin is a very nice area, with a very nice casino, Red Rocks. They play poker there with a lot of tourists coming through to play. And Lifetime Fitness there has every free weight, weight machine, cardio machine, studio and studio class, spa facility, etc., etc., that one can imagine. It is HUGE, with a super nice, huge, pool and wet area in the back. Plus, all of Las Vegas us just a couple of miles away.

So after I leave Tahoe this week, I’ll be staying in Summerlin, going to Lifetime Fitness and exercising, riding a bicycle everywhere, and playing poker every day.

I will be posting here often.

Why I quit all social media.

I hit the “dislike” button on social media

Recently I closed all my social media accounts. There are many reasons why I did this:

  • I am not (currently) trying to make money from the internet. So, I get no benefit from attracting an audience on social media.
  • I have my own websites to publish whatever I wish, and don’t need social media to express myself.

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WSOP Online Poker in NV: No Fun, No Money

I play using the uber-hipster, totally original screenname “chrissalmon”

Since I live at Lake Tahoe (South Shore), I was hoping to find a place to play poker that didn’t require me to drive to Reno. Harvey’s Hotel and Casino here in Stateline has a poker room, but it’s only got the same 6 or 8 guys in it every night, who all know each other.  When you walk up you the table to play, you definitely feel like a combination outsider and meat being examined before put in the grinder.  Plus, you’re obviously in someone else’s social club when you’re at their table, the conversation detours around you as things and people you know nothing about are discussed.  Don’t get me wrong – they’re polite and nice and all!  But you just know that, well – you just don’t belong there.  They’ve turned to room into their little social club and strangers who swing by to play are there to help pay for their club.

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The first piece of new music in years.

Here’s a piece of music that is basically just a percussion framework to build on.  I’ve gotten WAY into Kpop lately and it has been super inspirational!  So I’ve decided to get back into regular music practice and composing.  This is my first little bit of music, it’s not much, in fact I don’t like parts of the bass line very much, but it’s a work in progress.

Don’t Believe Everyone Complaining About Twitter Harassment

There’s a strange Twitter scam being played on the public by some celebrities.  I’ve seen it 3 times in the last few years.  Only famous people do it, because only they would benefit from it.  I’ll tell you what I personally witnessed.  The first person I saw do this is a well-known pornstar, so let’s just call her that, because I don’t want to use any of these people’s real names.  I’m not trying to make a public splash with this, or get into a personal fight with anyone.  I just want other Twitter users to know this goes on.
So I was following Pornstar because I was a fan of hers before this.  This was when I first started using Twitter all the time, which was only a couple years ago.  Reading her tweets, she often got into fights with people harassing her.  Calling her names,

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I hate it when casinos act weird about my blackjack play.

“How do I know he’s cheating? HE’S WINNING! That’s how!”

Playing blackjack in Vegas years ago, some guys next to me said they “Didn’t understand insurance.” “Oh,” I said, “It’s a bet on whether she’s got a ten under that Ace. But only 1/3 of the deck is tens, that’s why you don’t take insurance, because she only has it ..1 out of 3 times overall.” When I gazed back at the table I noticed this pit boss was staring at me with rage and hatred in his eyes! That cracked me up and I just laughed and smiled at him. Then he goes and gets on his pit phone, which also cracked me up! Why is this so..funny to me? Well, this guy’s steaming angry and calling to have my play reviewed because I can do 3rd grade math!! 10JKQ – 4 tens per suit. 4 suits. 44=16. 52 cards per deck. 16 goes into 52, 3 times (note 3*16=48) with 4 left over, or 3.25. Thus approx. 1/3 of the deck tens. Exactly 1/3 would be 3.333… close enough for this purpose. All that’s just simple arithmetic, 3rd and 4th graders could do it. So this pit boss is enraged at people who can do arithmetic. That’s why it gave me the giggles! It’s ridiculous and it exposes so many

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