Today Show, Aug. 15, 2003 – after the blackout

Actually parts of the city were still without power.  But basically we had all made it though OK! Hooray New York!


The Great Blackout of New York, 2003, Part 4

A few years ago two companies who make science documentaries bought the rights to my blacked out New York City videos, and brief pieces of them have been seen worldwide.

The Great Black Out of New York, 2003 part 3

New York City had undergone an unexpected transformation in the post 9/11/2001 years.  I had spent time there on a honeymoon over the New Year’s between 1999-2000 – I figured I couldn’t forget when I got married later that way :-). On that trip people, especially cops and such, were very brusque and rude, exactly how the old-school New Yorker stereotype was portrayed in pop culture.  They just didn’t have time to talk to you for any reason, so GTFO – that was the attitude.  But after the City was so violently attacked and all the firemen and cops and everyone became heroes, well I’ll be damned if they didn’t start acting like heroes, too!  It certainly made a difference those days without power in the summer of 2003.

The Great Black Out of New York, 2003 part 2

I was very proud of New Yorkers those days without power in 2003.  Everyone came together and helped each other out, and there was no crime or looting that I witnessed or heard about.  The restaurants with spoiling food and drink just gave it away and it kind of turned into a New York sized block party!